MSNBC, an NBC affiliate, in mimicking CBS’ 60 Minutes weekly marathon during its Bush-bashing years (think Rathergate) and other agitation-propagandizing of the public – is well known for its obsessive-repulsive hate of all things American, Republican or conservative, and its predictable taking the side of America’s enemies first.

MSNBC is however best known for its knee jerking and disingenuous spin of Democratic talking points. Primarily the defense of all things Barack Obama has done, or failed to do; and for its cover-up of Obama’s many violations of the public trust and scandals. For example, the Obama Administration’s failing to shut down flights that transport EBOLA into these United States, including the self-same flights that brought us Ebola, courtesy of MSNBC’s news crews.

Now that’s news.


Adding to the nation’s ignorance and fundamentally enabling change with no hope left for its adherents, the network’s hate of the same nation that gave it its freedom to infect its citizens with stupidity, political nonsense, to broadcast anti-American bile and self hate, is crowned by its latest achievement, it’s news crews’ infecting us with Ebola. That, is the fundamental change this president promised us. And he delivered.

Infection comes in many faces, intellectual, emotional, cultural and physical.


Please, take them!

As evidence I give you, Dear Reader, a demonstration of Barack Obama’s and MSNBC’s bad judgment that has infected this nation for the last six years.

Repeat after me: ISIL is a JV Team.

As I write this tome, it is Mid October. The only fundamental change Obama promised the nation will not happen on his watch: American success as the stock market is tanking.

We say: Shut down the borders, shut down entry to illegal immigrants, shut down flights that transport EBOLA to infect America.

You may read this message sometime in the future and reflect on Winston Churchill’s admonition, as you see, one of Obama first acts upon entering the Oval Office in 2009 was to remove his bust. Remember to LEAN FORWARD!



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by Andrew Benjamin

(Editor’s note: Written just prior to the 2012 elections. Painfully poignant today, and every day of Barack Obama’s second term.)

IMAGINE that the captain of the jumbo jet about to take off with you sitting in a window seat, announced that he never piloted a jumbo jet before, just a single engine Cessna. How comfortable would you feel as the plane reached 160 mph takeoff speed? Keep this thought in mind as we progress to higher altitudes. Maybe to the stars?

You see, after takeoff, even if we don’t want to think of the consequences of our decision right then and there, we have the landing to contend with. Eventually. Eventually means after November 6th or soon thereafter.

When I was much younger, I mean much, much younger, not that I’m old, I was much smarter then than I am today. Also, I had more life experience then than I have now from which I could make decisions. When I was younger, as in contrast to much younger, I was no longer as smart. Now, being somewhat older, I am not nearly as smart as I was when I was younger, and even less smart than when I was much younger. So, being a progressive at heart, I became progressively dumber as I aged; and become progressively smarter as I regress (in my memory) to the intellectual greatness of my misspent youth.

This is a serious matter, so don’t make fun of me yet please.

When I was 20 at the peak of my super smarts the world was at my feet. I understood everything there was to know. I read Ayn Rand and Karl Marx, “Profiles in Courage” and 1894. Before 1984. Yes, imagine, 1894 came before 1984.

Anyway, what difference does it make?

For example, I could understand Captain Kirk and first Officer Spock’s messages even during the Beam Me Up process during which my physical being disintegrated and the molecules later got reconstituted wherever with less brain cells. Scotty and I could never understand each other, even when I got re-integrated, but then no one else could understand Scotty either.


For example, I could understand what investment guru John Mauldin (see below) spoke about while discussing Black Holes and other matters of import to Captain Kirk. The mass of 416 million suns that constituted a black hole. Back then I could compute it all in my head and visualize all 416 million. By the time I was 30 I had trouble computing the mass and collapse of 4.16 suns, never mind 416 million, and by 40 all I could imagine, if there were 416 million suns somewhere, sometime, because someone said so; a black hole existed somewhere, sometime, because someone said so; and I have no idea why, what for, or what it all meant, or for that matter, what’s the point?

The way I see it, the difference between 416 million and 416 are merely a few zeroes more or less – somewhere, sometime, except when they happen to be something else and the numbers don’t add up.

I hope you understood what I had just said, after all, I just came back from a conversation with Scotty after having been disintegrated.

And that is how I see the political scene. It too has disintegrated and become a Black Hole.

I understand that a former community organizer whose life experience (and former job experience) constituted of showing his clients how to ‘game the system’ by pointing the way to the nearest welfare office or soup kitchen, and who is eminently suitable to be the president by virtue of having had no legislative, military, administrative or management experience at all, because from day one in the Illinois legislature from which he was absent mostly every day, and on the days he was not absent he could not be found, he ran for president primarily based on a ghost-written autobiography of a young man who had achieved nothing for which he’ll get a Nobel Prize, eventually, but once becoming President will achieve everything in his imagination. He was young, like I was young, and we both knew everything back when we were young.

Now I know nuttin’ and the president knows even less but simply won’t admit it. The president knows something none of us knew until the CIA admitted that we all knew the facts 12 hours after they happened: The violence in Benghazi was because of an obscure You Tube video from California.

Never mind that it is a lie, not a fact.

I was much younger four years ago in 2008 too, when I voted and I believed! Like you Dear Reader.

I must have been 2 years old. Because, only a 2 year old could have been fooled like that to believe like that and then go back to sleep.

Like you, I believed anything and everything.

The People were convinced about everything and voted for anything, and that is the Audacity of an Imaginary Character fabricated by whomever from nowhere. One can’t but remember the Beatles “Nowhere Man,” but I digress.

From the moment Barry won his Illinois senate seat by digging up dirt from his opponent’s sealed records while sealing his own, he inhabited The Empty Chair from which he was absent almost every day as he immediately ran for president based on slogans: No Oil for War, Peace Yesterday Without Drones, Bush Fried, Change the Hope, and the Audacity of Fairy Tales.

The entire chronicle, philosophy, psychology and narrative of Barry’s Party are made up of slogans.

Make up a slogan and you have a philosophy. Make up another and you get “principles.” And another and you have a morality. Faith. For example, the morality of Sandra Fluke’s Condom Factory and her sex life I have to pay for without enjoying the carnal benefits. Sandra, I have some bad news: You’re not my type.

Don’t know about his Father’s Dreams having had anything to do with any of it, but as this entire scenario unfolded, I had progressively lost more brain cells day to day, from the night before when I fell asleep to the next morning awakening noticeably foggier, and the world had become even more incomprehensible than the Day Before Yesterday. Every news show had the same moderator, the same face, the same storyline.

Scotty’s story that is incomprehensible except to the Faithful Who’ll Believe Anything. And the same Hope. And the slogans for the plans for the future. More Slogans. War on Women. Women in Binders, Romney’s horses, Big Bird. The works.

That, is the collective intelligence of the Democrats that could fit into a thimble.

During this period I believe the world reversed its rotation from its former direction.

It was almost unnoticeable. Look.

Nothing you say will change my mind.

I feel it. Don’t you?

I hear the economy is on a sound footing. Obama and his pal Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman says so. As long as Obama creates more debt, we’ll be fine, says Paul, who added, “We can SPEND ourselves into PROSPERITY” if we kept spending, especially if we spent in bulk, trillions, not just tens of billions.

I’m going to try that tactic with my credit card later today, after all, Paul’s a Nobel Laureate, isn’t he? Obama keeps “stimulating” the economy enough to keep it going until after November 6th, and who am I to say anything being so stimulated myself? After all, $6 trillion of taxpayer’s money spent to buy an election for himself is not too unreasonable, is it?

Obama kept the economy as stimulated almost as much as Monica kept Bill’s package stimulated.

I feel soooooo stimulated about all this. Don’t you?

Tell me, is there a problem with debt? Japan has debt, Spain has debt, Greece has debt, so what’s your problem with debt as long as you get what’s due you? Meaning, whatever you feel entitled to. A free cell phone? A free college education? Free Stuff. After all, government pays for it, We, the People, don’t have to. Government gets the money from China at low interest it won’t need to pay back. I’m sooooo stimulated now.

Besides, Japan, Greece and Spain are in such good shape, why should we not emulate them and do as Paul Krugman says? Look, there’s no shame in going broke, is there? Join the 99%.

Krugman won his Nobel for exactly the same reason Obama won his, Yasser Arafat his, and Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler were nominated for theirs. Progress.

Progressives get Nobel nominations and even more often, awards.

Take the Academy Awards. Take Al Gore and Michael Moore.

Please, take them.

Nobel winners. Nobel winners with broken economies. Nobel winners who created millions of poverty-riddled Americans. Nobel winners with no money left to care for seniors. Nobel nominees with millions of corpses scattered around Europe. One can become a progressive and he will get a Nobel for sure. If not now, than in the future, with the HOPE that these corpses of our visionary zeal wrapped up in sloganeering will wash up on our neighbor’s beaches and not ours, with rows and rows of windmills in sight out there on the horizon killing fish and bird alike. Oh, progress!

Scotty, Scotty,


For Christ’s sake Scotty,


We need much higher altitudes friends. Much, much higher.

And a pilot with a pilot’s license.

A pilot not overstimulated and cross-eyed with HOPE as he attempts to land the jumbo jet called America.

Now that I have become dumber after decades of brain cell loss, I will do the illogical.

I am voting for the other guy.

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The following is by economist and investment guru John Mauldin. All about BLACK HOLES.

I urge that you read every short chapter/paragraph because otherwise you won’t even know what hit you. It matters not what your political convictions are. You know mine. You should understand the reasoning behind mine. You will see, as you read the next, that my political opponents are entirely – I mean, entirely – clueless.

I ask questions and until these questions are answered I don’t rest. Have you examined your convictions just as rigorously?

Economic Singularity

By John Mauldin

Thoughts from the Frontline
October 15, 2012

“Concern about politics and the processes of international co-operation is warranted but the best one can hope for from politics in any country is that it will drive rational responses to serious problems. If there is no consensus on the causes or solutions to serious problems, it is unreasonable to ask a political system to implement forceful actions in a sustained way. Unfortunately, this… read article


MY LIFE AS A YOUNG GENIUS was originally published at AllVoices and Western Free Press.

Obama gave the Medal of Freedom to WHOM for WHAT

| January 12 2014
Andrew Benjamin

By Andrew G. Benjamin

On November 20, 2013 the President of the United States awarded the Medal of Freedom to his distinguished friends, mostly Democrats and a single RINO, a proponent of disarming America first, Dick Lugar, whom today would be considered a radical Democrat.

One recipient who was not invited to observe the others getting what he deserved better and foremost is George W. Bush. Incidentally, not that it matters, Bush provided opportunities for FREEDOM to many nations after having freed tens of millions of human beings. After all, we are speaking about the MEDAL OF “FREEDOM” that was rather given to Gloria Steinhem who liberated lesbians around the world and whose friends clamored for the castration of mankind to cleanse the gene pool from the poisonous effects of testosterone.


Other recipients include Oprah Winfrie who FREED Americans from the contents of their wallets while she promoted mostly useless goods that made her into America’s first black woman billionaire. Incidentally, while Democrats never objected to Oprah’s $2.5 billion employing practically no one but herself and her small staff, they vehemently objected to one tenth that amount, the $250 million earned by Mitt Romney who employed tens of thousands. Ernie Banks was another recipient who FREED a baseball from the Earth’s gravitational pull. Another, Ben Bradley, a partisan Democratic operative whose leftwing Washington Post FREED a presidency from its constitutional office, a president who had absolutely no involvement with the activities of a few lunatics who broke into a Watergate pied-a-terre. In this year of remembering JFK who started a war in which 55,000 Americans died, the aforementioned is the same president who ended that same war.

Daniel Inouye picked up his. DI is a war hero Hawaii senator who achieved nothing of serious value during his senate service other than supporting the agendas of former Ku Klux Clan Grand Wizard Democrat Robert Byrd, tyrannical antigun fanatic Frank Lautenberg who never saw a gun he didn’t want to ban, and the office of birth records in Honolulu. Others were Dr. Daniel Kahneman, an economist – well deserved for a change – a distinguished genius; Richard Lugar, the aforementioned disarm America first RINO; Loretta Lynn, the only C&W female singer in existence who freed exactly whom?; Dr. Mario Molina, a chemist involved in the now-discredited ozone layer depletion theory allied to the now-discredited global warming theory (yup, there is no depletion of the ozone layer, or any convincing evidence for global warming either, but then he won a Nobel just like Al Gore for something that doesn’t exist); Dr. Sally Ride, a lesbian and trensgender-promoting astronaut whom, I gather, wants to export lesbianism into space for transgendered Martians.

Ride and the president I will assume will demonstrate that with lesbians in space these days, NASA’s new role to raise the self-esteem of Muslims was in the American interest. Walter Nagel accepted for his “partner” Bayard Rustin for the latter’s being gay throughout his whole life without a single incident of having tried heterosexuality. It is the first Medal of Freedom ever given for one man snuggling up to another. Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban jazz musician who got rich after having defected from Castro’s Communist Paradise along with millions of other Cubans who didn’t get rich. Cuba is where Free Health Care is the norm (the other Cubans in Cuba didn’t get a medal – don’t ask why.) Also, don’t ask why Sandoval isn’t returning to Cuba for the Free Health Care that is unaffordable in these United States. Another recipient, D.E. Smith, a basketball coach for liking the sport of basketball, which is important for understanding the nuances of freedom and liberty; the Rev. CT Vivian, a black activist who pretty much did what many other Americans of that age including this white writer did: marched for Civil Rights. Why then did I not get a medal? Or the Nobel? Obama did not invite this scribe to get a Medal of Freedom or become a lesbian – how unfortunate. Next we have Patricia Gallen Wald, the first woman appeals court jurist who apparently received the medal for being a woman because all the previous male jurists did not get a medal for being men. As for the aforementioned Oprah, again, for being a colored female quasi-lesbian descendant of slaves, she accepted the Medal of Freedom in behalf of all the grossly obese descendants of slaves and lesbians worldwide who are being discriminated against by Olympic talent scouts and the dance sport industry.

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